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We all have a love hate relationship with technology. We cannot live without it. We know it makes our lives easier. Yet when it goes wrong, our business can grind to a holt in moments.

Antikythera Systems is here to help you. We will ensure technology makes your life simpler and your business continues running as smoothly as possible.


We will provide you with tailored infrastructure and hardware support. You can sleep easily in your bed at night knowing everything is ticking over nicely at work.

We source software to help you run your business more effectively and efficiently. If the right software is not available, we can either tweak it or develop bespoke software just for you.

We simply provide the support you need from a one off project to yearly contracts. We will work together with you so technology becomes a competitive advantage not a burden. We will always act promptly and professionally supporting you and your business needs.

Our commitment and determination to get things right is matched by our knowledge and experience. To us right means a truly satisfied customer that has exactly what they need not what is most fashionable or most expensive.

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